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Connecting with Seniors Without Being There in Person

Humans are social creatures. Interacting with friends and family is an important part of staying healthy. This is true at any age, but especially when we get older. Aging adults who maintain close relationships with others live longer than those who are isolated. Socializing has been shown to reduce the risk of physical conditions like … Continue reading

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7 Reasons to Retire in Arizona This Year

Retirement planning is more than saving up money. It’s also about deciding where you should spend your golden years. After a lifetime of working, raising families, and living life, most seniors want to find a comfortable place to enjoy their time within their budget.  Arizona has a lot to offer seniors. There is some cost … Continue reading

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Should I Bring My Senior Parent Home for the Holidays?

  The first year in an assisted living facility can be difficult, especially during the holiday season. Holidays are special times highlighted by traditions shared among friends and family. While the sentiment and love are still there, the activities and schedules may have to change with the new living arrangement. The first holiday without mom … Continue reading

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